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The Amazing Life Project

The Best Year Of Your Life
  • The Power Of A Vision Board

    The Power Of A Vision Board

    Vision boards have always been a very inspirational thing to me. I keep two large vision boards that I created in 2008 up on the wall in my home office. In fact, I use a segment of one of the boards in much of my materials for The Amazing Life Project. Vision boards are extremely […]

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  • Failure To Act

    Failure To Act

    “Act Now!” “For a Limited Time Only!” “Hurry on Down!” As consumers, these are some of the frequent expressions used by marketers as a call to action. On a daily basis we are enticed with free gifts, better offers and bigger promises in exchange for one thing: immediate action. With this promise of free, better […]

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  • A Five-Star Life

    A Five-Star Life

    I’ve worked in the field of change management for a good portion of my career. To study and understand what causes resistance to change and what drives change is something that I find interesting. But what’s most interesting to me is that even though I have been armed with all the knowledge and skills necessary […]

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  • Why I Created The Amazing Life Project

    Why I Created The Amazing Life Project

    My life has actually been pretty good for the majority of my life. To many people, I am already living an amazing life and I suppose that I actually am. But I’ve also been stuck at times and have felt disappointed and frustrated that I wasn’t where I wanted to be. I’ve made mistakes, fallen […]

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